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Greenworks is part of Globe Group, producing battery powered garden tools. The products range from lawn mowers and hedge trimmers to pressure washers, blowers and string trimmers – all developed to make working in garden easy, fume free and cordless.


Launching a new webpage, Greenworks needed to translate and adapt all texts and product descriptions:


- Translating does not only mean finding the correct word in German, it’s much more about adjusting the complete text and wording to fit the German reader and customer needs. It’s a matter of quality! We pursue perfect quality in our products; the same should be with our public relations and all communication to our customers. We experienced a very good support from scaenvice when it comes to understanding the Germans and what they need to feel comfortable investing in a new, high quality garden tool.


Ewa Thylen / Market & Communication Manager / Greenworks / Malmö, June 2018


“scaenvice has helped Planet Plant-Based during a very hectic start-up year with some of the business aspects we struggled with: creating a robust and long-term financial and business plan and helped Planet Plant Based to become investment ready. As their client, we have also gotten access to very solid competence around entrepreneurship in Germany which has resulted in growth much stronger and faster than we had expected. With their help, opportunities have opened up which we didn’t even know existed, for example through start-up support programmes and subsidies. We really look forward to working with scaenvice on an ongoing basis in the future.”

Ida Hemmingsson-Holl / Founder & CEO / Planet Plant Based GmbH / Munich, August 2018


Växbo Lin AB is a Swedish linen producer, based in Hälsingland. Växbo Lin is one of few Swedish linen producers and the family owned company is dedicated to producing beautiful linen products in pure linen, free of chemicals. 


Sales predominantly stem from the Nordic markets – with the company´s own factory outlet store, their own webshop as well as retailers around the world. In order to grow their business Växbo Lin is looking to continue the international expansion, mainly through growing their online business. 

In order to grow the online business in Germany, Växbo Lin cooperates with scaenvice to source market insights and to develop an online market entry strategy. This includes an analysis of market drivers, consumer behavior, purchasing patterns and the competitive landscape. There is a difference in online purchasing behavior in Germany compared to Sweden, mainly as a result of Amazon´s strong foothold in the market. The consumer expects quick and traceable delivery and eventual returns easy and free of charge. The web shop needs to be trustworthy, preferred payment options need to be offered, the transaction easy, transparent and safe. This requires a logistical solution that caters to consumer needs on the one hand and is cost efficient for Växbo Lin on the other. Also the web shop need to be adapted to respond to consumer needs. In order to move quickly and accelerate the learning curve, Växbo Lin has decided to go for a two-step strategy –  introducing part of their products at Amazon, using Amazon´s full logistical service (FBA – Fulfillment By Amazon) as well as improving and adapting their own web shop (including logistics) based on customer requirements. 

scaenvice has advised Växbo Lin on their market entry strategy and assisted the company with the implementation, such as VAT registration, registrations at Amazon, product descriptions, targeting and negotiating with logistic partners etc. This has been key for Växbo Lin due to limited personnel resources and limited knowledge of the local market as well as language barriers. Scaenvice will remain advisor and co-operating partner for Växbo Lin in order to secure and improve the market positioning of the company going forward. 

“It is a huge help for us to have a local partner, situated in Germany. scaenvice has not only been able to help us on the sales- and marketing strategy and to implement it - step by step, but they will remain our partner going forward. In order to grow sales it is of key importance to have a local partner that thinks strategically, and helps us with operational issues and implementation. We do not have the resources and the knowledge needed to serve this market adequately from Sweden without a local partner.”   


            Hanna Bruce / Owner and CEO of Växbo Lin AB


Aurum Touch designs and produces pictures with noble metallic printing for all living areas. The pictures are sold through their own very inspiring and beautiful webshop, the wish is now to increase traffic and sales.

- Being an entrepreneur means doing everything yourself. With the help and support of scaenvice, I can concentrate on the creative work whereas scaenvice can work as a helping hand in several practical areas. They were also very supportive in coming up with new ideas and getting things done.

Marlene Kerschis, Founder and Entrepreneur, Aurum Touch, September 2018


scaenvice has supported Kockums Jernverk in several activities on the German market such as:

  • Copywriting, translation and texting

  • Market consulting

  • Homepage adjustments

  • Newsletter mailing

  • Fair preparations

  • Retailer expansion


scaenvice has supported Gedigo in :

  • Market & sales channel consulting

  • Retailer expansion

For almost thirty years, Himla has lived by one simple idea. Himla is not a temporary style that quickly goes out of fashion, Himla´s philosophy is simple, but difficult to copy. They create beautiful textiles for every room in your home. Most products are made of linen but they also work with other natural materials like wool, silk and cotton. Mix and match as you go along. That is how you invent your own, personal style.


scaenvice has entered a partnership with Himla with the goal to grow on the German market. This includes tasks such as sales and marketing consultancy, administration of VAT registration and reporting, packaging law, Amazon registration and listings.

Robetoy is a swedish family owned company, producing fast-moving toys and masquerade clothing for kids. scaenvice has supported Robetoy and their brand Den Goda Fen in :

  • retail network expansion

  • market and sales channel consulting



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