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Micki Leksaker
Lundby - Pippi

Micki Leksaker AB design and produces high quality toys for toddlers and babies. In addition to their own brands Micki and Lundby, Micki Leksaker is a licensed producer of e.g Pippi Longstocking products.

Elin Aronsson, Head of e-Commerce at Micki Leksaker AB:

scaenvice helped us set up our business at Amazon, Germany. Scaenvice has helped us in with all related matters setting up our Amazon business – registration of our account, bureaucracy and the complete listing and shipping process. All German product descriptions as well as A+ Content were written by scaenvice. Once online, they support us in the daily business with inventory, shipping, trouble shooting, client requests, etc.

scaenvice's overall view of “Selling on Amazon” help us involve the relevant departments and the process has been led smoothly. They are quick to respond to issues and obstacles along the way. It was also a great help that they could master the VAT registration and recycling regulations for us.   

Elin Aronsson, Head of E-Commerce , April 2020

micki alla prod.png

For almost thirty years, Himla has lived by one simple idea. Himla is not a temporary style that quickly goes out of fashion, Himla´s philosophy is simple, but difficult to copy. They create beautiful textiles for every room in your home. Most products are made of linen but they also work with other natural materials like wool, silk and cotton. Mix n´ match as you go along. That is how you invent your own, personal style.

In order to increase Himla´s footprint in the German markets, scaenvice has helped Himla from A to Z in the process of setting up the Company´s Amazon Business in Germany. From registration, writing search optimized products offerings, A+ Content, to upload product listings in XML-files, trouble shoot and shipping. scaenvice also helped Himla to register for VAT, assisted in the VAT reporting process as well as in the process of complying with the New German Packaging Act (“Neues Verpackungsgesetz”). 

Hanne Rubino, CEO of Himla AB

Retro shopper from Sweden


Interior design and living - handles, knobs and hooks


Carl & Son - make-up for men


Toys for indoor and outdoor


Ifö Electric - light fittings since 1934

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Light My Fire

Light My Fire’s credo: Light My Fire is for life outside and on-the-go. Swedish made, sustainable, functional and with timeless design.

Biobased plastic cuttlery, meal boxes and tablewear for every day use – for school, work and outdoor experiences. Founder of the famous Swedish FireSteel and the Spork.


scaenvice assisted Light My Fire in the process of setting up their German Amazon account. Light My Fire had already gained some vital experience in working with Amazon in the US, but now wanted to launch the German market. It was important to customize the texts to the German customer as well as be acquainted with the Swedish touch and feel.


“The fact of being able to communicate in Swedish with scaenvice, and seeing our products and texts live our philosophy, but adapted to the German market, felt secure and productive. As with all projects, also this had some stumbling rocks and obstacles. However, scaenvice was always at our service, trying to find a solution and sharing their prior experiences. Their structured way of working through the project made it very easy to move forward with everyone internally knowing what to do.


Calill Odqvist, CEO of Light My Fire, 2020.


Socks for sport, party and everday

Socks for sport, party and everday

Den Goda Fen, a brand belonging to Robetoy AB, produces high quality costumes like fairies, animal capes, fire fighter, unicorns and dinosaur suits for babies, toddlers and kids. scaenvice has supported Robetoy and their brand Den Goda Fen in :

  • retail network expansion

  • market and sales channel consulting

  • Amazon Germany


Öjbro Vantfabrik - gloves, socks and hats made of 100% merino wool

Furniture for the hallway

Suntribe Sunscreen

Suntribe produces sun protection for sports people and outdoor lovers, foremost surfers and skiers. It is our goal to place our organic products in German online pharmacies and health stores.

scaenvice has helped us to introduce our products to some of the biggest online pharmacies, using their broad personal and professional network. A major success to date is that we have been listed with seven products in one of the largest online pharmacies in Germany.

-        The cooperation with scaenvice has proceeded very smoothly. scaenvice has acted professionally and they directly grasped the product, its USPs and how to position it on the German market in order to convingly present our product range to their contact network. To get listed in Germany with a main player in the German online pharmacy market is more than we could have hoped for us as a rather unknown brand. 

Julia Beyer, Co-Founder of Suntribe, Lund 2020

Kockums Jernverk

scaenvice has supported Kockums Jernverk in several activities on the German market such as:

  • Copywriting, translation and texting

  • Market consulting

  • Homepage adjustments

  • Newsletter mailing

  • Fair preparations

  • Retailer expansion

  • VAT registration


scaenvice has helped Teddykompaniet with the german VAT application.


Greenworks is part of Globe Group, producing battery powered garden tools. The products range from lawn mowers and hedge trimmers to pressure washers, blowers and string trimmers.


Launching a new webpage, Greenworks needed to translate and adapt all texts and product descriptions:


- Translating does not only mean finding the correct word in German, it’s much more about adjusting the complete text and wording to fit the German reader and customer needs. It’s a matter of quality!We experienced a very good support from scaenvice when it comes to understanding the Germans and what they need to feel comfortable investing in a new, high quality garden tool.

Ewa Thylen / Market & Communication Manager / Greenworks / Malmö, June 2018


scaenvice has supported Gedigo in :

  • Market & sales channel consulting

  • Retailer expansion

Planet Plant Based

“scaenvice has helped Planet Plant-Based during a very hectic start-up year with some of the business aspects we struggled with: creating a robust and long-term financial and business plan and helped Planet Plant Based to become investment ready. As their client, we have also gotten access to very solid competence around entrepreneurship in Germany which has resulted in growth much stronger and faster than we had expected. With their help, opportunities have opened up which we didn’t even know existed, for example through start-up support programmes and subsidies. We really look forward to working with scaenvice on an ongoing basis in the future.”

Ida Hemmingsson-Holl / Founder & CEO / Planet Plant Based GmbH / Munich, August 2018


Bed & Bath


scaenvice assisted Åry Home in their work to grow on the German market through Amazon. In coordination with scaenvice Åry Home decided for an initial assortment to be launched during 2020 on The work consisted of VAT registration and reporting, packaging regulations, Amazon Seller Central Account registration, product descriptions, A+ Content, XML-listing, shipping, trouble shoot, ads and ongoing administration.

“We were very happy to have scaenvice help us get started with Amazon. They also held a small workshop with us, to guide us through Sellercentral, which enables us to comfortably work independently in the account. They always reacted very promptly to our questions and help us in all ways, also with non-Amazon related issues.”

 Sara Åberg, Marketing and Sales Manager, Åry Home, December 2019

Växbo Lin

Klong develops products where the combination of functionality, materials and shape make something worthy of caring for, something lasting. Every piece is a product to be enjoyed for years to come by its owner. The intention of Klong is to produce products that respectfully take the human being and nature in consideration. Klong puts great importance to work with designers who dare to create their own expressions without following trends. Klong finds its inspiration in many different cultures although most of the designers come from Sweden.

“scaenvice helps us in the process of introducing us to important e-tailers in the German market, suitable for the Klong product range, which has resulted in a upcoming listing at one of the largest websites for interior design in Germany, Switzerland, France and Austria. This is a big and important step for our expansion into the German market. In addition to this we have commissioned scaenvice to lead the process of listing a range of Klong´s products on Amazon Germany. scaenvice has written search optimized product texts, A+ Content and has assisted us in the whole process from registration to the launch using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) – in addition to all steps needed to be taken on the Amazon Sellercentral Platform scaenvice has helped us register for VAT, reporting VAT through Elster (the German tax offices digital platform) and assisting us in register at the Central German Packaging Register (“Verpackungsregister”) as well as with an independent licensed dual system provider in order to comply with The German Packaging Act (VerpackG). We very much appreciate scaenvice knowledge of the German online market in combination with their understanding for the way we work in Sweden. It has been a great cooperation and we are happy to have found a Swedish partner, operating from and in Germany”


Eva Hjertberg, Founder and Owner Klong Intermestic AB.

Jacob Södergren, e-Commerce Manager Klong Intermestic AB 


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