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Swedish-German Team -
specialized on Amazon

Amazon EU - 8 country markets.
We help you become successful on Amazon.
In Sweden, Germany and the other European Amazon markets.




Since 2017, we have helped several Swedish companies getting successful on Amazon. Our work includes market- and product analysis, marginal calculation, Seller Central registration, settings, search optimized product descriptions, A+ content, Brand Store, product structure, XML-upload, troubleshooting, ads, reports, account administration, optimization etc.

When you start working with Amazon, the German market (second largest Amazon market after USA) is a must have. Amazon Seller-Account is algorithm controlled, hence actions are needed to optimize texts, images, reviews, feedback, ads etc. to German buyer behaviours.

Why sell on

  • 2nd largest Amazon market

  • turnover 2022: 33,60 billion USD (+32%)

  • 62% of total online sales in Germany are generated through Amazon

  • 44 million customers in Germany

  • 9 out of 10 German online buyers shop on Amazon

  • 34% of all online shoppers in Germany start their product search on Amazon

  • Perfect logistics thanks to FBA - customer trust in Amazon and the purchasing experience is outstanding, above all when you use Amazon FBA.

  • Easy to sell on other European markets: Sweden, Spain, UK, Italy, the Netherlands, France, Turkey, Polen - one account for all markets.



Before starting your Amazon sales activities, there are many details to clear and specify – we advice you on e.g.:

  • Logistics

  • VAT-taxation

  • Product selection and structure

  • Margin Calculation

Zusammen arbeiten


  • Account registration and validation

  • Tax settings for local VAT-registration and reporting

  • Brand protection and registry

  • Account Settings

Paket geliefert

Search optimized product descriptions, A+ content and Brand Store

  • Product selection and variation structure

  • Product descriptions (title, bullet points, keywords)

  • XML Flatfile and upload incl. troubleshooting

  • Image requirements, videos, shoppable images etc.

  • A+ content

  • Brand Store

  • FAQs

offene Magazine

Continuous administration

  • Workshop

  • Reports

  • Advertising

  • Reviews

  • Buyer messages

  • Feedback

  • Voice of the customer

  • Vine

  • FAQs


Thank you!

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